Animals of Mass Destruction

Animals of Mass Destruction 1.6

Animal madness in this novel and enjoyable game


  • Three playable characters
  • Great fun


  • Torture jokes
  • Slightly repetitive


This game has it all - shotgun toting puppies, cunning kitties, wise hens and lots of torture. What sounds at first like a very odd concept for a game turns out to be actually a lot of fun. The game starts with a series of training missions where you learn the different tactics needed to control your three principal characters. Each one has a slightly different way of getting around the guards - which is the main aim of the game.

AOMD's graphics are fine but not excellent. I found the controls to be quite simple to pick up, and the constant soundtrack isn't annoying at all. The game itself is actually quite difficult, but the variation of the game is possibly its biggest downfall. All the missions feel pretty similar. This isn't necessarily a bad thing: each level provides new challenges and besides, AOMD has more variety in it than many mobile games. I didn't particularly like the use of torture in the game but other players may not feel that this is such an issue.

In all, AOMD is highly recommended for its fun factor - it's an original and interesting game.

Puppies with shotguns, stealth Kung Fu kittens, hacker chickens with tasers, gore, chaos, madness, mass explosions, mass hysteria, and mass destruction! Oh My!

Fight your way through animal soldiers while solving brain teasing puzzles in order to save the world from global terrorism. Capture hostages along the way and torture them for information. Power up and go berserk in destruction mode and lay waste to the environment around you. Oh, did we mention that you are not human?


Recently terrorist organizations around the world have been experimenting with animals in order to create the next step in bio-weapon warfare. Fortunately the U.S. government has learned of this and has created its own animal strike force to combat this new threat. Project A. O. M. D., Animals of Mass Destruction was formed and has given birth to 3 elite animal soldiers:

  • Special Agent Puppy Love: Leader and weapons specialist
  • Special Agent Kitty Kung Fu: Stealth assassin
  • Special Agent Chicken: Technology expert


  • Play 3 characters at the same time, each with unique special abilities
  • Completely interactive and destroyable environments
  • Amazing artificial intelligence including true line of sight combat and enemies that react to your every move
  • Create your own name and submit your game stats online after completion for the world to see
  • Over 35 challenging levels and 7 spectacular mission bosses which take you around the world from Australia to Iraq
  • In game training mission tutorials
  • Auto save your game progress with up to 3 unique games slots
  • Fun colorful graphics and animation
  • DVide Arts innovative 2.5D graphic technology. Truly move in front or behind any object in 2D space
  • High quality music and sound effects put you into the game
  • Complete customizable game options including savable settings
  • Countless hours of game play in a massive full-length action adventure!

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Animals of Mass Destruction


Animals of Mass Destruction 1.6

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